How to See, Experience, and Enjoy Christ as Our Good Land Today

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Have you downloaded this free book from Bibles for America called The All-inclusive Christ? This book by Witness Lee is a must-read for every Christian who wants to have a richer, fuller experience of Jesus Christ.

The title of the book itself is very interesting. By definition, the word all-inclusive means something that includes everything. For example, you may have seen this word used to describe a vacation package. An all-inclusive vacation package would include every necessity and then some, such as transportation, accommodations, food, and so on. You don’t need to go anywhere else for anything; it’s all right there for you to enjoy. 

To say Christ is all-inclusive means He includes everything we need. This description of Christ is based on the good land God gave His people in the Old Testament. That land included everything the children of Israel needed for their living and enjoyment and is a detailed picture of Christ, whom every believer has already received. 

Witness Lee goes through the book of Deuteronomy to show how the details of the good land represent many of the unsearchable riches of Christ. Even the topography of the land reveals Christ to us. But the book doesn’t stop there. Because Lee’s intention wasn’t that we would merely gain knowledge about various aspects of who Christ is, but that we would experience Him, he applies those aspects to our life in very practical ways. This opens up a whole realm of Christ for us to enjoy! And as we experience and enjoy Christ, not only are our own needs are met, but God’s eternal purpose is fulfilled.

It’s a fact that Christ—the reality of the Old Testament good land with all its riches—has been given to us New Testament believers to be our true life and enjoyment. But in order to actually experience Christ as all the different aspects of the good land, we first need to see all the things He can be to us. That’s where this book comes in. It opens up God’s Word and helps us see how rich Christ is and how we can experience Him.

A brief overview of The All-inclusive Christ

The table of contents of The All-inclusive Christ shows the six major sections of the book: 

  • The All-inclusive Christ—An Introduction
  • The Goodness of the Land
  • How to Possess the Land
  • Entering the Good Land
  • Life in the Good Land
  • The Issue of the Land—The Temple and the City

Let’s get a taste of what’s in The All-inclusive Christ from Chapter 4, which is about the goodness of the land with relation to water. On page 37, Lee says: 

“Deuteronomy says that the land is good in water. Listen to the different terms that are used: ‘a land of brooks of water’—that means a land full of streams of waters—and a land ‘of fountains and springs’ (8:7).”

Continuing on page 38, Lee explains the meaning of these waters:

“The spring, the deep waters, and the streams. Brothers and sisters, what is the meaning of these waters? We can immediately turn to the Lord’s word for the answer. The Lord said that the water He gives will be in us a well of water, a fountain, springing up unto the life of eternity. These waters are types of the various kinds of supply of Christ’s life. The life of Christ as the supply to us is just like the different kinds of waters. The Lord told us that out of the innermost part of those who believe on Him will flow rivers of living water. What is this? This is the supply of the life of Christ as living water. If you reflect upon your experience and consider it carefully, you will realize that in one aspect Christ is so spacious and exhaustless and in another aspect Christ is transcendent and in the heavens. Then, if you view it accurately, you will realize that the supply of the life of Christ is just as living water within you. Many times you are thirsty—not thirsty in your physical body, but thirsty in your spirit. When you come athirst to the Lord and contact Him, you have a certain sense within you. You feel refreshed, you feel watered. When you are thirsty, it means that your spirit, your inner man is dry. But when you contact the Lord Jesus, it is not long before you feel watered and your thirst is quenched. You are refreshed more by this drink than by any physical beverage. Then, if you contact the Lord more and more and even moment by moment, you will feel more than watered; there will be a stream flowing forth from within you.” 

What are these streams of living water in our experience? On pages 39­–40, Lee explains:

“In this land there is not only one stream, but many streams; not just one spring and one fountain, but many springs and many fountains. What does this mean? Sometimes when you are beset with troubles and trials, you contact the Lord and receive something from Him. You experience the Lord as a spring, as a fountain and as a stream in your trial. What kind of spring, what kind of fountain and what kind of stream is this? Can you give them a name? I believe you can give them many names. Sometimes you experience Him as a spring of joy, sometimes as a spring of peace, and sometimes as a spring of comfort. Sometimes you experience Him as a fountain of love, a fountain of grace, and a fountain of light. At other times Christ is a stream of patience, a stream of humility, and a stream of forbearance to you. You see, there are many springs, many fountains, and many streams. There are many kinds of heavenly supplies.”

Christ as our good land is so enjoyable, even just in this aspect of water!

We invite you to learn more by downloading a free copy of The All-inclusive Christ here. Each chapter is packed with wonderful aspects of who Christ is, and practical examples of how we can apply Him in our daily life.

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