Where Does God Live Today?

Originally posted on the Bibles for America Blog.

Our God is exceedingly great. 

You only have to look up at the stars at night to be awed by His greatness and wisdom. Yet though His magnificence fills us with wonder, God can seem far away from us, way up in the heavens.

As we go about our daily lives, and sometimes even when we pray, God can feel out of reach. At times we might even find ourselves asking, “God, where are You?” 

After believing in Him and receiving Him, we long to be close to God. And He wants to be close to us, too. In fact, God’s intention is to live in us and to have an intimate and personal relationship with each one of us. To make this possible, He took some significant steps.

1. God created our human spirit

God never intended to be a distant divine Being, worshipped only from afar. This is why God created us with a very special part: our human spirit, which enables us to receive and contact God. He made our spirit so He could enter into us and dwell within us.

2. God became a man

The eternal, infinite God became a man named Jesus Christ. He lived on earth and experienced all aspects of human life, yet He was without sin. Because He possessed a body of flesh and blood, Jesus was able to die on the cross for our sins to redeem us and bring us back to God.

3. Christ became the life-giving Spirit

After Jesus died on the cross for us, He was buried, and after three days, He resurrected from the dead. First Corinthians 15:45 is a tremendous verse:

“So also it is written, ‘The first man, Adam, became a living soul’; the last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.”

The last Adam, who is Christ our Savior, became the life-giving Spirit in resurrection. Now as the Spirit, He can enter into anyone who believes in Him.

4. Christ entered our spirit

When we believed in Jesus Christ, we received Him as our Savior, and as the Spirit, He came to dwell in our human spirit. We were joined to Him, and now Christ lives in us!

Where does God live today?

So now for us who believe in Christ, God is not just the Creator who dwells far away in heaven. He’s also the life-giving Spirit who lives in us. Now He’s available to us anytime, anywhere as the solution to all our problems and the One who truly meets our needs. 

God is nearer than anyone else could ever be to us. This is a fact. We simply need to focus on our spirit where He is and come to Him by faith. As we learn to live and walk by our spirit, contacting Him and talking to Him throughout the day, we’ll enjoy His presence more and more.

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