Do You Know How to Experience the Unlimited Christ?

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In this enlightening book, Witness Lee discusses how the good land described in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy is a complete picture of Christ that we can enjoy today.

In the post How to See, Experience, and Enjoy Christ as Our Good Land Today, we gave a brief introduction of The All-inclusive Christ. In this post, we’ll use excerpts from the book that highlight the spaciousness of the good land and how this applies to our Christian life.

God gave His people a spacious land

In Exodus 3:8, God described the land of Canaan:

“And I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land to a good and spacious land, to a land flowing with milk and honey.”

Since Christ is the reality of the good land, the land being spacious points to the fact that He is spacious. But what does this mean? 

We’ve probably never thought of Christ as being spacious, but this excerpt from pages 22 and 23 shows us that the Christ who lives in us is immeasurably spacious:

“You understand what spaciousness is. But can you describe the spaciousness of this land? Can you tell us the extent, the expanse, of Christ? In other words, do you know how big Christ is? Everyone of us has a certain measurement, but what is the measurement of Christ? The Apostle Paul gives it to us in Ephesians chapter 3. The measurements of Christ are the breadth, the length, the height, and the depth. Can you tell how broad is the breadth, how long is the length, how high is the height, and how deep is the depth? If you asked me, I would have to say, ‘I don’t know. It is unlimited.’ The breadth of Christ is the breadth of the universe. Christ is the breadth, Christ is the length, Christ is the height, and Christ is the depth of the whole universe. If the universe has a limit, that limit must be Christ. You can never measure the dimensions of Christ. This is the first item of the goodness of the land. The land is good in the unlimited measurement of Christ.”

We all have to admit that we ourselves are very limited. For example, we may be able to be patient to a certain extent, but not for a lengthy period, with no end in sight. In difficult circumstances, and perhaps particularly with certain people, our patience eventually runs out. Worse still, we might even react by losing our temper, unable to bear the strain of trying to be patient.

Lee says on page 25,

“There is a limit to human goodness, but the goodness of Christ is without limit. If your patience has a limit, that patience is not Christ. If you are patient with Christ’s patience, the more wrongly you are treated, the more patient you will be. This patience can never be exhausted. Christ is good in His unlimitedness; Christ is good in His spaciousness. With everything of Him, there is no limit and no change.”

The key isn’t to strive to use our own meager store of patience, but instead to experience Christ’s inexhaustible patience. It’s impossible to fathom how patient Christ is. His patience is as infinite as He is; it has no end! Yet we can actually experience the immeasurable Christ in all the situations in our life. He supplies us bountifully with whatever we need to an unlimited degree.

The immeasurable Christ is for us to experience 

Lee’s emphasis in The All-inclusive Christ isn’t that we just know the features of the good land and how they’re pictures of Christ; it’s that we actually experience Christ as the reality of those features. On page 26, Lee testifies of his own experience of the inexhaustible Christ, even through years of increasing difficulties:

“I have realized that Christ is without any kind of limitation. There can never be a problem which is bigger than Christ. There can never be a situation which He cannot cover. I have a handkerchief which is only so big—perhaps twelve inches by twelve inches. It can only cover so much. It can never cover the whole room; it is not big enough. But you must realize that Christ is like a piece of cloth without limit. You cannot tell how broad and how long He is. There is no limit. He can cover anything and everything. No matter how great a problem may be, Christ can cover itChrist is good in His unlimitedness. Christ is good in His breadth and length and height and depth. Christ is such a spacious land for us to experience and enjoy in every situation.”

The spaciousness of Christ

Each day brings us new opportunities to experience the spaciousness of Christ with our children, our boss, our spouse, or our coworkers, in matters both big and small. When we feel like we’re running out of patience, love, or whatever it may be, one way to experience Christ is to stop what we’re doing and pray. We can pray,

“Lord Jesus, I turn to You right now. I can’t take this situation anymore. Lord, I need You. Be my unlimited patience.”

When we pray, even for just a few moments, we contact Him in our spirit and breathe Him in. We breathe in the One who is inexhaustible. 

At any time, in any place, we can also simply call on His name. Romans 10:12 tells us the Lord is “rich to all who call upon Him.” As we call, “Oh, Lord Jesus,” we can enjoy the never-failing riches of all the Lord is to us, no matter what our circumstances are. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the spaciousness of Christ. We invite you to learn more by reading all of chapter 2 of The All-inclusive Christ, which you can download for free here.

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